Managing Karma When Spellcasting

Sometimes someone does something so terrible and we just want them to stop their behaviors or suffer for their wrongdoing. And it might not be so much that we want them to suffer as it is we want them to experience the consequences of their actions…and that’s where karma comes in. We can cast karmic spells to speed up the effect of karma. For me, it usually takes three days.  However, when we do it -and any kind of spell casting, or as I like to call it, ‘willing my intentions’- we have to be aware of our deepest intent and know that sometimes the things we do will come back to us. Word it wisely and focus on positive outcomes. My last proactive willing for karma to take effect was three days ago during a waning moon, and it was in response to the behavior of my ex towards my children. My main intention simply stated “May he see the pain he creates within others.” I have no worries about this in regards to karma because it is for the well being of my children, and in the long run it might help him out.  The only thing that might come back to me is an increased ability to see the pain I cause others, but I have no fear of this because I actually care about those around me. Being an extreme empath, it can’t get much worse. What will it do? Make me kinder and more compassionate?

There are those who practice who do not believe karma exists, or that there are ways around it. Here is what I know: If you believe it, it’s true. So, because I believe that what I do will come back to me, I always have awareness in my workings and I am always cautious. Better safe than sorry, right?

A good way to begin a karmic spell is by starting off with protection. Imagine that you have a ball of white light that emanates within your heart -pure white light. Imagine that this light is growing and growing, until it envelopes your entire body. Then focus on this white light and ask it what would be a positive karma intention that would ensure the highest good, both for yourself and even for the offending party. We have to go into this with the understanding that oftentimes those who offend are merely souls who are hurting in some way and haven’t found healthy tools to cope, so they lash out. There are exceptions to this, and there does exist in this world seemingly evil people who seek to suck the life out of every one and every thing in their wake, but that’s a topic for another day.

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