Am I a natural witch?

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Chances are, if you came to this page, you ARE a natural witch. Are you more in tune with nature, do people’s feelings have a strong effect on you, and do you have intuitive dreams? If this is true of you, then you have a connection to the universe that allows you certain gifts. But… maybe what should be asking yourself is, “Why is it important for me to know if I am a natural witch?” When we experience extreme distress and feel the world is crumbling around us, or we are being profoundly hurt, or maybe sometimes we just don’t feel important or special, we try to find things within us to control or influence the situation. What you need to know is, even if you do not have a strong connection with the divine, you are important and yes, you are special. You were created, were you not? Therefore, you are important and you’re life has meaning even if you are not a ‘natural witch’. Also know that even if you do not feel that you have certain gifts, these things can be learned. We all have some form of connection. It is just a process of opening up our minds, our hearts, and learning to listen to the beat of the universe.

What exactly is a natural witch? What some might consider a natural witch is really just someone who is highly connected to the universe and those within it. Witchcraft in itself is a practice that dates back …well, probably from the time mankind became aware of his place in the world and realized there were scary things he couldn’t control. In essence, it was a means for control of one’s life and environment, and the perceived practice of ‘magic’. What was once considered magic is now being given different names, but that’s a topic for another day. As for the natural witch….well, we can feel people’s energy and we can influence things within our own lives. This also comes with the law of attraction -which we can all learn. A word of warning: When it comes to influencing others, we have to see where our heart is and be careful what our intentions are. To wish ill on others will inevitably come back to you. Of spells, they are simply mediums of focus.

My first spell was one of protection. I was eleven. No one taught me how to do a protection spell. I simply knew. I laid in my bed at night, afraid of the darkness that lurked, and visualized a white light that began within me and grew around me. It encircled my bed, my bedroom, and eventually my entire home. A spell can be simple, and like I said, it is a means of focusing your intention.

If you would like to explore the topic “Am I a natural witch” further, there are copious resources on the net, as well as some tests you can do for fun.

Here’s one quiz for entertainment purposes:  What Type of Witch Are You?

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