Free Reiki Attunement

If you have ever been interested in alternative healing modalities using energy, do some research into Reiki. The International Center for Reiki Training¬†describes Reiki as “Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.”

In Reiki healing, the universal life force runs through the practitioner to the client promoting healing and wellness. Though this was originally an eastern modality, it has made it to the west and has actually become quite popular in the United States.

For those wanting a free Reiki attunement, there are a variety of YouTube videos online, as well as websites that teach you the the history of reiki and how to practice. Free workbooks are available as well.

Those who have successfully made it to Reiki master might consider opening their own business as a Reiki practitioner. No special college degree or licensure is required, only the know how to access the healing energies is necessary.  One on one training is best; however, there is copious information on how to become a Reiki practitioner free online.


Prayer Candle

Focus on the candle and feel your intentions. Imagine a white light is surrounding you for protection and with a pure heart, envision the scenario you wish playing out in your mind. With this candle our goal is to bring an intention into reality.