Does wearing a suit make me an asshole?

So, I have this regular job/career where I get to pretend to be a professional person for approximately 8 hours a day. It would not look strange for me to wear slacks, a button up blouse, maybe even a blazer and pointed toe shoes, etc. But I don’t. I could carry a briefcase….but I don’t. I could walk around with my nose in the air and say things like, “Indeed” and whatever in the fuck pretentious people who act like they are better than everyone else say. But I don’t. I spent an upwards of 100k for an education that pretty much guarantees that I was be able to secure employment for as long as my cognition and ‘peopling’ are up to par. But I digress….I did not begin this blog because I wanted to talk about what I could potentially wear at work and how I could act in the real world. I started it because I came face to face with someone yesterday who was acting just this way and it bugged the shit out of me. I needed to vent.

The organization I work for has to have certain kinds of licensure, therefore, every year or so we get an inspection. Yesterday we got an inspection. The guy doing the inspecting wore a suit. He acted…like a man in a suit. Guaranteed he has no more education than half the people I work with, but we do not act this way. We have heavy responsibilities, but we do not act this way. We change peoples lives, but we don’t act this way. And I kept wondering “Is it that he is an asshole which makes him wear the suit?  Or does the suit make him an asshole? Or, do I automatically assume he is a pretentious asshole because he is in a suit?” I suppose I should take into account my own assumptions and ask myself why they are even there to begin with.

What do you think? What makes the man/woman in a suit an asshole? Or am I completely wrong?


Author: Chris Web -contributor


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